Library Instruction & Information Literacy: ProQuest Research Companion

About ProQuest Research Companion

ProQuest Research Companion is a research tutorial to teach students to find, evaluate, and use information.  It is designed to support critical thinking skills.

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Integrate with Moodle

Add ProQuest Research Companion to your course in Moodle:

  • Embed a video
  • Embed multiple videos as a playlist
  • How to embed HTML code in Moodle:
    • Add a resource
    • Choose "Label"
    • In the Label Text box, put in text to describe the video
    • Choose the HTML button.
    • Paste the HTML code.
    • Save & return to course.

How can I use this resource?

  • Flipped classroom
  • Assign certain modules prior to attending library instruction
  • Use in class to reinforce concepts learned in library instruction
  • Assign modules throughout the semester to supplement classroom instruction