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Discovering the Library's Collections: Search Results

Search help for the Library's new search interface

Working with Search Results

Sorting search results & narrowing using filters 

1.  You can sort your results in different ways (upper right corner of screen):

  • Best Match blends Title, Author, Date and Worldwide Holdings with an emphasis placed on Title.
  • Recency blends Date, Title, Author and Worldwide Holdings with an emphasis placed on date.
  • Library considers individual holdings first and then blends Title, Author, date and Worldwide Holdings.
  • Author (A to Z) sorts by special characters or numbers in the first name, then A to Z by last name.
  • Date (Newest) sorts chronologically by date with newest items listed first.
  • Date (Oldest) sorts chronologically by date with oldest items listed first.
  • Most Widely Held presents an "unclustered" view of search results with an emphasis on Worldwide Holdings in a blend of Date, Title, and Author.
  • Title sorts by special characters, then alphabetically by title. Only the article "the" is ignored.

2.  Use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow down by year, format, or other criteria. 

Cite, Link, Email, Save

Cite, link, email and save icons 

After you perform a search in WorldCat Discovery, items in your search results will include icons to add records to a list, email a record or a list of records, copy a record link, or export a citation. The icons are available from the brief results, the action panel, and on the detailed record (mobile view). The sharing icon is available when viewing the page showing a list you have created. 

The Cite icon allows you to:

Format a citation
Generate and copy a citation in MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, or other style.

Export a citation
Cite the record using EndNote, RefWorks or RIS. (These are for citation management software.)

The Link icon allows you to:

Record link (permalink)
Record link opens a pop-up window with the permalink displayed. Copy and share the link.

The Email icon allows you to:

Email record
Choose Email to share a single record by providing an email address. Note that you also have the option to add a record to a list and email the list at the end of your session.

The Save icon allows you to:

Add record information to My List. Email a list to yourself or share it with others. Records added to a list are stored temporarily for the session until the session times out.