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WRT201 Bordogna Refugees: Home

Thinking about Refugees

This Guide is for use in WRT201 with Professor Bordogna's Refugee Assignment.  Work through the steps as outlined in library instruction.

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Step 1 - UNHCR: The UN Refugee Agency

First, What is a Refugee Camp?

Let us keep going.....

This section will show the operations that are currently taking place in a country using the Operations Portal.

  1. Click on the Situation tab at the top, you will see that sometimes several countries are highlighted for each situation.  
  2. Once you take a look at the basic statistics, scroll down to look at the available reports.
  3. On the left are the reports by type.  The most recent reports are on the right.  
    1. Funding reports are okay to use but a little too detailed at the beginning of your research.
    2. Migration reports are a good place to start.

Remember to save your reports.  When you are creating citations the date will become important as many documents have the same name other than the date.

Step 2 - More Research

Let us continue.....

Follow these steps to get to quality information to help you understand the problems and potential solutions.
    • Use Advanced Search
    • Your country plus refugees
    • Look at UNHCR first {you can limit by publishers}
  • Global Trends: Forced Displacement in 2018
    • Read chapter 1 to understand what a refugee is, what vocabulary the UNHCR uses and familiarize yourself with the current state of refugees on a global scale.
    • There are links to chapters using the URL above.  Where is your camp? Use the chapter for your region.
  • StoryMaps
    • Use the map to navigate to the country you are researching
    • Follow the links on the left to get a better visual representation of the camp.

Step 3 - Global Focus

Stop! What do you know so far?  This is a good place to synthesize your research before continuing.....

  • Next, you will look at the Global Focus page where the Operations section is quite helpful.
  • Next is looking at the News stories
    • This is a good place to search for your camp name. 
      • First, try title
      • Then try full-text

Using Databases

  1. From the Library's Home Page
  2. Click on Proquest Research Library
  3. Go to Advanced Search
  4. The first line can be your camp
  5. The second line can be refugee*
  6. Be sure to check full-text
  7. Now search
  8. Resource limiting
    1. Choose a date range [last 2 years is good]
    2. Choose trade journals, magazines, newspapers

When emailing an article be sure to include the citation.

Other Sites to Use

Search Google with this preformatted search to get news articles from the BBC.  Just add your camp.

Google Web Search
Google Web Search

Using videos after your run this Google search is a good way to see images of the camp you are researching.

Human Rights First - a simple search by camp will bring up news articles.

This is a basic search for information on government websites.  Add your country or camp to the search box and click search.

Google Web Search

This is a basic search for information on organization websites.  Add your country or camp to the search box and click search.

Google Web Search

Search the UNHCR website: