Reading across the Curriculum: Further investigation

This guide includes references on the topic, best practices and some tools to use in the classroom.

Templates for assignments

Here are some examples of active reading assignments in the classroom. Please feel free to use these.

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Academic Success Videos

The Sidney Silverman Library provides streaming access and DVDs of "Academic Success: Smart Tips for Serious Students"*. These six short videos are filled with insights, observations and hints from students and experts in the field.

Titles include:

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  1. file:///home/chronos/u-a8a773b942663a3b9726c54fcb02e0bc85e58015/MyFiles/Downloads/Active_Reading_Worksheet.pdf An Active Reading Worksheet

  2. file:///home/chronos/u-a8a773b942663a3b9726c54fcb02e0bc85e58015/MyFiles/Downloads/Reading_Comprehension_Strategies.pdf Reading Comprehension Strategies PDF

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  1. The Learning Cafe *This site has many reading improvement sections and works with students and includes answer keys. 

  2. ‘5 Types of Note-taking Methods”

  3. “10 Strategies for Improving your Reading Comprehension for College” Purdue University

  4. College Reading Resources -Reading Strategies Pilgrim Library [ includes PDF handouts to download.


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This guide was created as a Faculty Development tool by Dr.Kate McGivern at the Sidney Silverman Library.

Resources, definitions and other input provided by Prof. Elizabeth Marsh from English Basic Skills and Prof. Carol Chovanec from Radiation Therapy.