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IST Careers

You know your career when you see it.... Great!

  1. From My Next Move,, go to the dropdown menu by "Browse Careers by Industry" and choose an area of interest.
  2. Skim through the list of job titles and choose one that interests you. 
    1. If you do not see something that you find interesting then choose a different industry. 
    2. If you see something that you have no idea what it is, then click on the job title and read the job description.
  3. Once you settle on a job title click on it.
  4. The resulting page allows you to view an overview of this job.  Many jobs include a Career Video.  You will also see the required knowledge, skills, abilities, personality, and technology skills.
  5. Once you know this is the job you will research, print this page by clicking print.  (It is in the upper right-hand corner)  Do not forget to put your name on the printout.  (You do this at the top of the page after clicking print)
  6. You also want to easily get back to this information. Click on the share button (upper right-hand corner of the page) and choose email.
Well, that was easy!  However, we are just getting started.